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Suéter de estilo coreano - Sudaderas con capucha de diseñador para la moda Kpop Precio de oferta$40.99 Precio normal$60.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Leanne Will

Nothing like this, took 2 sizes larger than mine, Super!!

Maureen Cremin

-The hacks, for my height 161 took the XL a little big, my mother did not appreciate, but I really like it. The sweater is warm and thick, it will be hot for summer, but for autumn or spring it is the same (Winter, of course, even more so). I like it very much, the delivery is also fast. Came about 12 days before Saratov.

Nora Rogahn

Sweatshirt top!! Height 156, weight 42, took M, I thought then that I should have taken more, but it is already big for me, everything is super
The quality of the Alic and the thread stick out, but it is not problematic, it looks cool

Walker VonRueden

IMBA only I thought it would be like a sweater, but it turned out to be long🙄

Jimmy Wolff

The most detailed feedback!!!

-In general, everyone wrote that they have a jacket with fleece, but I clearly have no fleece, just a jacket, but it didn't get worse, I'm still satisfied)))
-More like a longsleeve, which is not straight dense (but at the same time it is warm, the fabric is not very breathable ..)
-The fabric is clearly not cotton, but it is not such a cheap fabric (polyester, which clings and is not very pleasant) on the jackets, as on the Alica, it is very pleasant in fact!!! The truth does not last at all, but it does not really matter.
-I am wide enough in the shoulders and back (O-92, OT-68, OK-93) took the XL size. I am perfectly perfect, it is oversized, but at the same time it is not mega oversized.

I hope I helped with something!!!😛🙌🏻