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Magic Shirts Baby & Toddler Clothing Fashionjosie
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Vito Bartoletti

The shirt is good. The seams are even. Thread sticking out, but they clean up well. I think that shirts are small. Ordered two daughter of different ages and both to the bottom, although they should be too big. If the eldest daughter was not thin, then the shirt would be generally small.

Christiana DuBuque

The shirt is of high quality, but very small! I ordered a size 2 T for a year, then re-read a bunch of reviews and realized that it was in pink that it was very small... I asked the seller to replace it with 3 T, they promised, but they sent it anyway 2 T... sorry... in such a fashionable shirt we will not have time to get off!
Order more at once!!!! 2 T (90) for a baby up to a year!

Edmund Dicki

For the baby 78 cm took the size 90, quite loose and long, suitable for more growth. The shirt is nice enough, not thin

Muhammad Stokes

A little thread sticks out, but not critical, we will cut it and it will be beautiful! The seams are smooth, the fabric is without marriage. For such a price-it's just a thrill, not a shirt! We have a height of 75 cm, we are a year old. We wear size 86, but I took 3 T (size 100), if I could change it quickly, I would take 4 T, keep in mind-it is very small, but this size is too large for us) I just love it when I'm very oversized and I would like to have enough for autumn

Electa White

The shirt is of good quality, satisfied